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2018-02-13 18:50:53 Resolved (No IP Change)

Year Make Model Body
2010 Ford F-150 Pickup

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Thank you for your inquiry. “spectrophotometer reading” or using a COLOR CAMERA to get a color code formulation would not be included in refinish labor times.

Inquiry type All Other
Issue Summary Is a spectrophotometer reading included as part of the refinish operation?
Individual Procedure Steps 1. Polish area where you will take reading. 2. Go to mix room and retrieve sprectrophotometer. 3. Place tool on polished area and take reading (usually takes 3 readings) 4. walk back to computer station and dock to tool 5. Upload reading files into PC 6. Find the exact match on the PC or bendable match
Actual time to complete (min) 30
Suggested Action Receive time allowance for extra process to ensure color match.