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2019-05-03 19:52:56 Resolved (No IP Change)

Year Make Model Body
2017 Tesla Model S Sedan

Tracking # 14014

Estimated Release Date: Closed
Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
The Motor labor time in CCC One is for the actual time that the technician spends on the physical procedure required to complete repairs of the damage. Please note: Wait time (i.e. drying, curing, shipping) is not considered in motor time.

Inquiry type Missing Information
Area of Vehicle Quarter Panel
Missing Part Name Baking Cure Time
Missing Part Description Tesla procedure page indicates that a 30 minute bake time is needed to cure structural adhesive.
OEM Part Number 1031638S0A
Missing Information Cure time in the p pages of CCC data base
Issue Summary If structural adhesive cure time included in P pages?
Suggested Action Add Cure time to the operations identified as NON- INCLUDED procedures.